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June 10, 2015

What Is Suretyship?

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Suretyship is a contractual relation resulting from an agreement whereby one person, the surety, engages to be answerable for the debt, default or miscarriage of another, known as the principal. The suretys obligation is not an original and direct one for the performance of his own act, but merely accessory or collateral to the obligation contracted by the principal. 

Nevertheless, although the contract of a surety is in essence secondary only to a valid principal obligation, his liability to the creditor or promise of the principal is said to be direct, primary and absolute; in other words, he is directly and equally bound with the principal

The surety therefore becomes liable for the debt or duty of another although he possesses no direct or personal interest over the obligations nor does he receive any benefit therefrom.

- Garcia, Jr. v. Court of Appeals, G.R. No. 80201, 20 November 1990, 191 SCRA 493, citing Sykes v. Everett, 167 NC 600 and Miners Merchants Bank v. Gidley, 150 WVa229, 144 SE 2d 711
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May 19, 2015

Domingo vs. Reed

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  • Respondent Guillermo Reed was an overseas contract worker from 1978 to 1986. 
  • He purchased from the GSIS on installment basis a 166 sq. m. property located at MRR Road, Mangahan, Pasig. 
  • Because he was working abroad, it was his wife, Lolita Reed, who paid the consideration to the GSIS. 
  • On July 9, 1986, TCT No. 58195 covering said property was issued by the Registry of Deeds for the Province of Rizal, Metro Manila in the name of Lolita Reed, married to Guillermo Reed.
  • Guillermo Reed had allowed his brother, Dominador, and the latter’s wife, Luz, to stay in the house constructed on his property. 
  • In December, 1991, Dominador and Luz Reed were summoned to the barangay in connection with the complaint for ejectment filed against them by Eduardo Quiteves, who claimed to be the owner of the lot where their house stands.
  • Guillermo denied having sold his property.
  • In view of the claims of Eduardo Quiteves and Alberta Domingo that they bought the subject property, Guillermo Reed made a verification with the Register of Deeds of Pasig. 
  • Guillermo discovered that his title over the subject property had been cancelled.
  • On March 8, 1994, Guillermo Reed filed a complaint for reconveyance of property against alleging that his wife, Lolita Reed, from whom he had been estranged, conspiring with the other [petitioners], except the Register of Deeds of Pasig.
  • Guillermo alleged that the SPA was a forgery, that he did not sign the SPA nor appear before the notary public because he was working abroad and that spouses Villanera and Domingo and Eduardo Quiteves are purchasers in bad faith because they knew, at the time they transacted with Lolita Reed, that he was working abroad and estranged from the latter.
  • The alleged purchasers said that Guillermo reed gave a written consent for the sale of the properties.
  • RTC ruled in favor of petitioners. CA reversed the RTC ruling.
  • CA said that  CA held that the vendees were not purchasers for value in good faith. 
  • As for Eduardo Quiteves, he was faulted by the CA for not having inquired into and investigated the authenticity and validity of the SPA shown to him by Lolita, evidencing her husband’s alleged consent to the sale of their conjugal property. 
  • CA declared the Deeds of Sale executed by Lolita in favor of Spouses Danilo and Alberta Domingo and Eduardo Quiteves null and void. 
  • It also ordered the cancellation of the TCTS issued in their favor; and the reinstatement of TCT No. 58195 in the name of Lolita Reed, married to Guillermo Reed, insofar as it covered the portions of the property sold to petitioners.

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April 10, 2015

iprice: Legitimate E-Commerce Site for Online Shoppers

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When it comes to shopping online, there are many factors that every customer must consider. One of the most important things to look into is whether or not the online shop is operated by a legitimate owner. Nowadays, anyone can easily create e-commerce sites without actually representing an actual business. In fact, the number of complaints about online scams has increased over the past few years. 

But there is no need to worry for there are also thousands of websites available that really serve the needs of their customers. These sites are reliable and trust-worthy not only in selling high quality items but also in delivering the orders on time. There are also some legitimate sites which provide coupons and discount codes that can help customers save big on their online purchases. 

If you are fond of shopping online, make sure that you know how to choose the right websites to visit. In this post, allow me to introduce iprice - your one stop shopping destination. Luckily, this website is 100% legit. 

In the home page of iprice, you can see several coupons, voucher and discount codes from various online shops in the Philippines. All you need to do is to click on the code and you will be re-directed on the product page of the online store. For example, if you see that Lazada offers 10% on all their electronic devices, then all that needs to be done is to click the photo of the coupon and in just a matter of seconds, you can already access the different electronic devices that are on sale at Lazada. 

Or you can also check the product pages at iprice and see what are the items that are currently on sale. Here is a sample:

The nice thing about iprice is that it only makes connections with online shops that are established in the country and are proven to be 100% reliable. Iprice also makes sure that they are available to provide great services to all their website visitors. At the same time, iprice enables online shoppers to subscribe on their newsletters for instant updates about the latest offers from different online stores.
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March 26, 2015

2014 Philippine Bar Exam Result

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  1. ABAD, Joshua B
  2. ABALA, Angela Ray T
  3. ABALOS, Charinne Hanako M
  4. ABANTAS, Shidik T
  5. ABAQUITA, JR., Gideon Florante A
  6. ABBU, Rufeliz Ann S
  7. ABDULLAH, Shayma A
  8. ABEJO, Klein Charisse B
  9. ABELINDE, Rachel Jane A
  10. ABELLA, Angelo R
  11. ABELLAR, Mae Ann B
  12. ABO, Marvi R
  13. ABSIN, Roh Dundee E
  14. ABUBAKAR, Gibran B
  15. ACASILI, Carl Jillson B
  16. ACOSTA, Kristian Nico C
  17. ADDAUAN, Francis John A
  18. ADLAWAN, Catherine R
  19. ADRIANO, Amos Mikhail S
  20. ADRIAS, Alma M
  21. AGA, Maria Angelica I
  22. AGOT, Virnee Joy T
  23. AGUANTA, JR., Alejandro E
  24. AGUILA, Katrina Elaine C
  25. AGUILAR, Christianne P
  26. AGUILAR, Francis Ma. G
  27. AGUILAR, Jeffrey G
  28. AGUTO, Jorneil M
  29. ALAMPAY, Maria Patricia N
  30. ALAVA, Sylvester A
  31. ALBA, Andres Jose M
  32. ALBA, Carlo Edison F
  33. ALBERTO, Althea Rosanna V
  34. ALCANTARA, Francis D
  35. ALCANTARA, Regine Andrei P
  36. ALCARAZ, Pauline Breissee Gayle D
  37. ALCOBILLA, Irene Mae B
  38. ALCONERA, Dinnah Mae A
  39. ALEGATO, Sul Jolly Angelo V
  40. ALEGRE, Remy Rose A
  41. ALEJANDRO, Ezerh M
  42. ALERTA, Jommel Jann Kris A
  43. ALFONSO, Aza M
  44. ALFONSO, Erika M
  45. ALFORQUE, Dani Q
  46. ALHAMBRA, Phoebe Marie V
  47. ALIGA, Gwyneth G
  48. ALLAREY, Princess Carra C
  49. ALMONTE, Mae Lyn T
  50. ALONZO, Katherine D
  51. ALVAREZ, Jeffrey R
  52. ALVAREZ, Paola Sherina A
  53. ALVIAR, Joyce B
  54. AMAHIT, Floyd Barry C
  55. AMARAJA, Yildrim T
  56. AMCAY, Jonjon B
  57. AMEN, Catherine S
  58. AMIL, Jayric L
  59. AMILING, Evelyn S
  60. AMINAO, Charmine May C
  61. AMOR, III, Jaime J
  62. ANDAYA-TAY, Melissa Antonette D
  63. ANDO, Mayus Ryan D
  64. ANDRES, Jennylyn N
  65. ANG, Rollie C
  66. ANG, Victor Reynaldo C
  67. ANGELES, Bernard Allan V
  68. ANGELES, Cyrine Anne G
  69. ANGUE, Aileen Rose J
  70. ANOD, Myra A
  71. ANTALAN, Sheena Lynne L
  72. ANTONIO, Alexis Francis B
  73. ANTONIO, Cristina I
  74. APAYA, Edrian M
  75. APELLIDO, Kristine Grace O
  76. AQUINO, Kathlene G
  77. AQUINO, Mark David I
  78. ARAGON, Yya E
  79. ARBAS, Andrei Christopher G
  80. ARCE, Jerome B
  81. ARELLANO, Alvin Anthony V
  82. ARGEL, Golda Margareth D
  83. ARIATE, Eunice Carmela M
  84. ARIÑO, Jacob T
  85. ARNADO, III, Teofilo C
  86. ARONGAT, Arthur John E
  87. ARRAIZA, Cheska Maude L
  88. ARZAGA, Jeffrey D
  89. ARZAGA, Odessa Buena C
  90. ATIENZA, Gian Joseph P
  91. ATITIW, Victor Corpus J
  92. ATON, Carla Zoila Y
  93. AUMENTADO, Adrian F
  94. AUREUS, Vincent Noel A
  95. AUSTRIA, Erastus Sandino B
  96. AVILA, Alyssa Daphne M
  97. AVISO, Ma. Louise C
  98. AYUYAO, Maris Angelica C
  99. BABATUAN, Leslie Joie E
  100. BACANI, Marlyn R
  101. BACATAN, Angeline J
  102. BACCAY, Yolanda A
  103. BACHOCO, Ed Charles P
  104. BACLAY, Francis Paul U
  105. BADUA, Kristofferson E
  106. BAETIONG, Ma. Adoracion J
  107. BAGAGNAN, Ruther Adrian F
  108. BAGANG, Darrell L
  109. BAGAY, Rose Ann R
  110. BAGUIO, Jan Mark P
  111. BAGULAYA, Jose Joannes S
  112. BALBAS, Julius Harvey P
  113. BALDIA, Edwin Marc T
  114. BALINANG, JR., Luvimindo R
  115. BALITON, Malucar P
  116. BALMES, Kriselle S
  117. BALT, Al-rashid L
  118. BALT, Aminah C
  119. BALTAZAR, John Philip A
  120. BALUCAN, Chembeelyn A
  121. BALVERDE, Roan U
  122. BANAAG, Steffi Reizza E
  123. BANDOMA, Jon Andre C
  124. BANZON, Melvin Joseph L
  125. BARBARA, Ailene B
  126. BARDOQUILLO, Leah Lara M
  127. BARENG, Shiel Joy G
  128. BARRAMEDA, Eljay Jose M
  129. BARREDO, Grethel G
  130. BARTOLOME, Ana Karina P
  131. BARTOLOME, Karol Chaim P
  132. BASMAYOR, Michelle V
  133. BATACAN-CAMACHO, Renizza Belle E
  134. BATERNA, Jared Marc E
  135. BATNAG, Odina E
  136. BATU, Karen S
  137. BATUNGBACAL, Mina Franchesca D
  138. BAUNTO, Hapsah S
  139. BAUTISTA, Diana Roselle V
  140. BAUTISTA, Nino Carlo C
  141. BAUTISTA, Pearl Charisse D
  142. BAUTISTA, Veronicaliza H
  143. BAUZON, Lanie V
  144. BAYAD, Bernadette M
  145. BAYAD, JR., Fernando T
  146. BAYANG, Maria Victoria A
  147. BAYOT, Miguel R
  148. BAÑAGA, Robbie M
  149. BEJEMINO, Mark Leo P
  150. BELEY-ARNESTO, Mary Rose T
  151. BELLO, Cristina Marie T
  152. BELTRAN, Mikhail Julwyn B
  153. BENAID, Wynchill B
  154. BENEDIAN, JR., Pablito C
  155. BENITEZ, Cecille T
  156. BENTULAN, JR., Alfredo L
  157. BERCASIO, Jela Myka LL
  158. BERNAL, Samantha Lei R
  159. BERNALES, Rolando A
  160. BERNARDINO, Abigail F
  161. BERNARDO, Jansen F
  163. BERNASOR, Lou Wella Mae S
  164. BESAÑES, Niño G
  165. BILOCURA, Jennelyn D
  166. BINAY, Sharmagne Joy A
  167. BINULUAN, Junerick N
  168. BIRAO, Emmanuel G
  169. BLANCO, Chiara Angela L
  170. BOHOL, Illac G
  171. BOJADOR, Francis Lauro R
  172. BONAOBRA, Kevin A
  173. BONIFACIO, Ma. Angela B
  174. BONTUYAN, Diwa Rafael B
  175. BORJA, Diane Camilla R
  176. BORRICANO, Doreen F
  177. BOSANTOG, Jonathan P
  178. BRAGAT, Ophie Easter M
  179. BRAMPIO, Aubrey Joy D
  180. BRILLANTES, Constanza B
  181. BRIONES, Niña Arlyn L
  182. BRIONES, Reuben T
  183. BRUTAS, Jolas E
  184. BUBAN, III, Mamerto N
  185. BUENA, Kriska Marna A
  186. BUENA, Mark Orline S
  187. BUENAOBRA, Jomyr B
  188. BUENO, Flordeliz Marina U
  189. BUENO, Ma. Anna Margarita V
  190. BUENO, Mikhail Lenin B
  191. BUGARIN, Matisa C
  192. BUGAYONG, Vanessa S
  193. BULANGA-CASINILLO, Diana Michelle T
  194. BUOT, Krisben Zilner P
  195. BUSALPA, Genny Pearl B
  196. BUYSER, Jed Lance C
  197. CABADING, James Michael D
  198. CABANILLA, Jonna C
  199. CABANTING, Arwin V
  200. CABATINGAN, Alpi Andro B
  201. CABAYSA, Elvis Bennet C
  202. CABRERA, Daniel Rafael G
  203. CABRIGA, Catalino R
  204. CABUGSA, Josephus G
  205. CACERES, Ira I
  206. CACHO, Aireen M
  207. CADIGAL, Jose Almarius P
  208. CADIZ, Leonel P
  209. CAFE, Ryan P
  210. CAGA-ANAN, Cathleen Terry E
  211. CALALANG, Joseph Ivan V
  212. CALDERON, Geoffry A
  213. CALDERON, Leah Zilpah A
  214. CALLETONG, Jasmin G
  215. CALUAG, Bon Jeffrey M
  216. CALUGAY, Dongil T
  217. CALULOT, Marinelle M
  218. CALURA, JR., Quirino E
  219. CAMBRI, Marydine L
  220. CANIBAN, Mark Darryl A
  221. CAPILI, Remar S
  222. CARABBACAN, John John B
  223. CARDENAS, Antonio Miguel M
  224. CARDIÑO, Kent C
  225. CARILLO, Janilet Mishelle R
  226. CARLOS, Archie G
  227. CARLOS, VI, Richard Lee B
  228. CARPENA, Blessie Rose L
  229. CASIGURAN, Roselle U
  230. CASIL, Mariane S
  231. CASTAÑEDA, Jose Francisco E
  232. CASTILLO, Alyssa Carmelli P
  233. CASTILLO, Gerard M
  234. CASTRO, Bethel Edgar B
  235. CASTRO-ZAPATA, Abigail P
  236. CATACUTAN, Ace Joseph B
  237. CATALAN, Mia Laine C
  238. CAUAN, IV, Cayetano B
  239. CAYCO, Patricia Gail V
  240. CAÑETE, Edan Marri R
  241. CAÑETE, Sarah Jean G
  242. CELERA, Emme Cheayanne S
  243. CELERIDAD, Paolo O
  244. CELSO, Ellen Faye L
  245. CENIZA, Michael G
  246. CERILLES, JR., Mario C
  247. CERVANTES, Dindo R
  248. CHAGUILE, Michelle A
  249. CHAN, Clariesse Jami Mari A
  250. CHAN, Howard Y
  251. CHAN, Joyce Aiza Z
  252. CHAN, Wharton R
  253. CHAVEZ, Sarah Lynn G
  254. CHEN, Mara Kriska L
  255. CHEW, James Earl R
  256. CHI, Julius Czar G
  257. CHOI, Jacqueline Mae S
  258. CHUA, Chantal C
  259. CHUA, Edric Christian E
  260. CHUA, Jennica C
  261. CHUA, Rachel Bernadette B
  262. CHUA, Ronald O
  263. CIPRES, Bryan Orville R
  264. CISNEROS, JR., Luis Q
  265. CLAREZA, JR., Eleuterio E
  266. CLAVERIA-BADONG, Veronica DL
  267. CLEMENTE, Christine C
  268. CLIMACO, Evangelenne V
  269. CO, Gerald S
  270. CO, Joahn T
  271. CO, Jocelyn C
  272. CO, Pia Isabel O
  273. CO, Ray Ann M
  274. COLINARES, Ma. Lourdes N
  275. COLLADO, Chelmarie V
  276. COLLADO, Reena Mae L
  277. COLUMNA, Christopher P
  278. COLUMNA, Lorelei R
  279. COMAFAY, Melisa Jane B
  280. CONCEPCION, Denise G
  281. CONDE, Eduard C
  282. CONDE-NGOLAB, Jenny D
  283. CONSUNJI, Mary Gladys Stephanie G
  284. CORNEL, Charles B
  285. CORPUS, Mario Lorenzo V
  286. CORPUZ, Sheila I
  287. CORRALES, Joan Rouella P
  288. COSCOLLUELA, Shawn Dustin B
  289. CRISOSTOMO, Danielle Alessandra D
  290. CRISPINO, Ma. Kristine Rhem T
  291. CRUZ, Alejandro Arlan P
  292. CRUZ, Faith Roslyndale T
  293. CRUZ, Jinky Ann H
  294. CRUZ, Katrina P
  295. CRUZ, Kristine Clarisse L
  296. CU, Krystle Ritz T
  297. CULA, Darwin H
  298. CULVERA, Don H
  299. CUNANAN, Paul Vincent T
  300. CUNTAPAY, Girlie Mei D
  301. CURAMMENG, JR., Reynold B
  302. CUSTODIO, Alexandria Demi A
  303. CUYO, Emerson G
  304. DAAN, Evita A
  305. DABBAY, Vincent Ray F
  306. DADAYAN, Farouk M
  307. DAGANTA, Fely Rose R
  308. DAHAP, Maria Laurice G
  309. DAMAOLAO, Rodelo Martin M
  310. DAMASCO, Alex B
  311. DAMASCO, Israel A
  312. DATOC, Charmaine P
  313. DAUZ, Timothy Clark B
  314. DAVID, Jose Angelo A
  315. DAVIDE, Patricia Janelli A
  316. DAWAY, Rhey David S
  317. DAYAG, Florian Kim P
  318. DAYAG, Steven M
  319. DAYPUYAT, Shylla Fe C
  320. DE ALBAN, Dominic Victor C
  321. DE ASIS, Aveneer K
  322. DE CASTRO, Mardane Gizelle A
  323. DE GRACIA, Angela Marie M
  324. DE GUIA, Anne Rose R
  325. DE GUZMAN, Aljon D
  326. DE GUZMAN, Catleya L
  327. DE GUZMAN, Pristine B
  328. DE JESUS, Nerissa N
  329. DE JESUS, Philip Edward A
  330. DE JESUS, Tracy Ann DJ
  331. DE LA CRUZ, Alma Isabel T
  332. DE LA CRUZ, Gizle M
  333. DE LA CRUZ, John Rafael T
  334. DE LA FUENTE, Larry V
  335. DE LA ROSA, Barbara Irene Y
  336. DE LEON, Dino S
  337. DE LEON, Girlie Venus E
  338. DE LEON, Isaac D
  339. DE LEON, Kaycee Ann B
  340. DE MESA, Jennifer D
  341. DEE, Celine Melanie A
  342. DEE, Czarina Angelie B
  343. DEINLA, Josalee S
  344. DEL FONSO, Westly Rey V
  345. DEL ROSARIO, Delañarose A
  346. DEL ROSARIO, Mary Grace O
  347. DELA CRUZ, Carissa Leonor Xyza I
  348. DELA CRUZ, Dana Genevieve C
  349. DELA CRUZ, Dennis L
  350. DELA CRUZ, Jan Michael S
  351. DELA CRUZ, Jastine Marie B
  352. DELA CRUZ, Jemuel B
  353. DELA CRUZ, Julian Rodrigo A
  354. DELA CRUZ, Kenneth Lloyd G
  355. DELA CRUZ, Rozanne B
  356. DELA CUESTA, Jay Marie C
  357. DELA ROSA, Bryan Lloyd L
  358. DELA ROSA, Maridel P
  359. DELFIN, Cherry Marie E
  360. DELFIN, Estelle Marielle F
  361. DELGADO, Honey Rose E
  362. DELGADO, Romella M
  363. DELGADO, Tristan Matthew T
  364. DELOS ANGELES, JR., Domingo P
  365. DELOS REYES, Angelico Zenon M
  366. DELOS REYES, Mark Erwin W
  367. DELOS SANTOS, Glenn D
  368. DELOS SANTOS, Madelyn C
  369. DELOSO, Omar P
  370. DEMAIN, Nathaniel P
  371. DEMAISIP, Ma. Josephine Gerardine N
  372. DESUYO, Jo-ana Marie P
  373. DIAL-QUIGAO, Ma. Ramelisa D
  374. DIALOGO, Karlo M
  375. DIAMANTE, Mary Joy Anne A
  376. DIANA, John Ronnel D
  377. DIAZ, Fideliz Cardellie B
  378. DIAZ, Jan Jason Jendrik C
  379. DIAZ, Maria Lovella M
  380. DIEGO, Marshall Ellis M
  381. DINSAY, V, Frank Eduard C
  382. DISCIPULO, Gierne Gail Q
  383. DIZON, Erika C
  384. DIZON, Rose Angelique P
  385. DIZON, JR., Arthur B
  386. DOCTOLERO, Julie L
  387. DOMEYEG, Carla O
  388. DOMINGO, Riyah Lalaine L
  389. DOMINO, Jenny Jean B
  390. DORIA, Loreto B
  391. DORINGO, Seychelles June M
  392. DRILON, Christian A
  393. DRILON, Patrick C
  394. DULAY, Jericson D
  395. DUMALASA, Sean Paulo M
  396. DUMALOS, Cirille Anne L
  397. DUMANAT, Janellee A
  398. DUMAYAS, Daryl Ray F
  399. DYCHITAN, Pamela Marie F
  400. EBDANE, Bayani S
  401. ECALNIR, Erol Roudel C
  402. ECHAVEZ, Ronna Lissa E
  403. ECHIVERRI, Kingjohn Ericson M
  404. ELMIDO, Jan Christopher P
  405. ENDALUZ, Marie Jourgen B
  406. ENRIQUEZ, Claire Joy G
  407. ENRIQUEZ, Gabriel Alfonso C
  408. ERANDIO, Athena Louise F
  409. ESCALADA, Ryan Carlo P
  410. ESCOLANO, Paul Medard L
  412. ESCOTO, Jamie P
  413. ESCOVILLA, Joseph Patrick O
  414. ESGUERRA, Rafael Rodrigo S
  415. ESPARAGUERA, Miguel A
  416. ESPELETA, Camille Angela M
  417. ESPERANZA, Annaliza G
  418. ESPINA, Carlo Eduardo M
  419. ESPINOSA, Carol-v S
  420. ESPINOSA, Jose Joven Paulo M
  421. ESPINOSA, Ma. Monica Leticia T
  422. ESPIRITU, Aizelle Marie D
  423. ESPIRITU, Elaine Rose Z
  424. ESQUIVEL, Ron-erwin D
  425. ESQUIVIAS, Ma. Carmela Florentyna A
  426. ESTEBAN, Gelie Erika P
  427. ESTELLA, Jessrey G
  428. ESTOLAS, Benjamin Jose S
  429. EVANGELISTA, Abigail F
  430. EVANGELISTA, Carlo F
  431. EXMUNDO, Reisa Marie J
  432. FABICO, Krizia Yvette O
  433. FABILE, Abigail M
  434. FACUNLA, Jeffrey M
  435. FALCIS, III, Jesus Nicardo M
  436. FARCON, Jose Florinio Y
  437. FELIX, Christine Angelica D
  438. FELIX, Razel Ann P
  439. FELIZMENIO, Marinella P
  440. FERNAN, Harry Gwynn Omar M
  441. FERNANDEZ, James Abalos
  442. FERNANDEZ, Kae Dee C
  443. FERNANDEZ, Meriam Consuelo B
  444. FERNANDEZ, II, Antonio Timothy A
  445. FERNIN, Michael Jayson S
  446. FERRER, Jefferson Wilfredo P
  447. FERRER, Julius Abraham C
  448. FERRER-LEGASPI, Jan Adrienne B
  449. FLORDELIZA, Henry C
  450. FLORES, Danilo S
  451. FORTALEZA, Karen F
  452. FRAGANTE, Criela DF
  453. FRANCISCO, Oliver G
  454. FRIAS, Jerome Bart M
  455. FUCOY, Alyssa Agustina A
  457. FURUYAMA, Ken D
  458. GA, Marianne Aiza T
  459. GADOR, Ken R
  460. GAHOL, Ralph Laurence M
  461. GALAGAR, Philip S
  462. GALAN, Cherie Amor C
  463. GALANG, Roi Andrei S
  464. GALAROSA, Michael Vincent C
  465. GALENDEZ, Ellen P
  466. GALIT, Emmanuel P
  467. GALIT, Neil Brian P
  468. GALLEGO, Erika Marie V
  469. GALLITO, Patrick M
  470. GALON, Harold A
  471. GALOS, III, Reparado B
  472. GALVEZ, Micaela Kristina V
  473. GAMBOA, Josine Alexandra S
  474. GAMILLA, Kristia Anne S
  475. GANDIA, Tephanie M
  476. GANZON, Pearl Margaret C
  477. GARCIA, Cesar Domini C
  478. GARCIA, Gil, Ii E
  479. GARCIA, Lordie Grace D
  480. GARCIA, Vianne Marie O
  481. GARGAR, Ma. Edaliza J
  482. GARINGAN, Francesse C
  483. GARMA, Angelica C
  484. GAUDIEL, Kristine T
  485. GAUNA, Maria Rufa Theresa S
  486. GAVIOLA, Gian Franco G
  487. GAYOS, Edgardo Alexander O
  488. GELVEZON-TABITA, Salvacion
  489. GEVERO, Sergie V
  490. GIBA, Analyn M
  491. GIDUCOS, Mohammad Jamalul J
  492. GIRONELLA, Genesis John R
  493. GLEYO, Marco Ray S
  494. GLIPONEO, Lizglen L
  495. GO, Eden Jerby C
  496. GO, Rom- Raison E
  497. GODINEZ, John Henley C
  498. GONZALES, Claudine Joy C
  499. GONZALES, Edwin Prince I
  500. GONZALES, Jeffrey Jay C
  501. GONZALES, Sharwina W
  502. GRAGEDA-FLORES, Joanna Mayelle T
  503. GRAIDO, Helen Maureen V
  504. GRANTOZA, Camille Jennifer L
  505. GRATELA, Merl Margaret O
  506. GREGORY, Ma. Nenita Yumi N
  507. GREPO, Carla Regina P
  508. GREPO, Jesse Raphael R
  509. GRUBA, Katherine Therese
  510. GRUESO, Niña A
  511. GUBAT, Bennet A
  512. GUCO, Jammelle Marie A
  513. GUERRERO, Ellis Emmanuel M
  514. GUIANG, Francis Gil D
  515. GUIANG, Mary Algen E
  516. GUINIGUNDO, Dan Abraham G
  517. GURO, Mojahid S
  518. GUTIERREZ, Ricardo Jesus E
  519. GUTIERREZ, JR., Eduardo R
  520. GUZMAN, Roger Joseph S
  521. HAMDAG, Princess D
  522. HAO, Louie Lynne T
  523. HARDER, Irene Estela T
  524. HATOL, Michelle Marie U
  525. HAULO, Oilie S
  526. HERNANDEZ, Ana Victoria S
  527. HERNANDEZ, Charmaine M
  528. HERNANDEZ, Jason A
  529. HERNANDEZ, Michael Vincent T
  530. HERRERA, Grethel L
  531. HERRERA, Mara Kristina G
  532. HERRERA, Michael Kris Ben T
  533. HERRERO, Vanessa T
  534. HIRANG-OLAVE, Katrina Isabel P
  535. HIZON, Jaybee S
  536. HIZON, Kenneth James Carlo C
  537. HIZON, King James Carlo C
  538. HUFANO, Jack Bryan D
  539. IBARRA, Joahnes Crizelle T
  540. IBARRA, Lucille Mae L
  541. IBAÑEZ, Charmaine C
  542. IGNACIO, Azyleah V
  543. ILAGAN, Ma. Karla Josee C
  544. ILORETA, Debbie Joy I
  545. INFANTE, Seth M
  546. INTAL, Pauline Grace R
  547. INTIG, Estela Joy M
  548. ISIDRO, Evangeline M
  549. ISIDRO, III, Maximo S
  550. ISLES, Maychelle A
  551. IWAY, Lourdes Mary L
  552. JAMILLA, Nicole Rose Margaret D
  553. JATAYNA, Emmanuel A
  554. JAVIER, Karen O
  555. JAVIER, Paolo Miguel V
  556. JAVILLONAR, J-ann Violeta J
  557. JAVIÑA-RODRIGUEZ, Jean Violette A
  558. JONGKO, Jan Michael R
  559. JUANENGO, Ma. Katrina Nadine G
  560. JUMAWAN, Ruel O
  561. JUNI, Noel S
  562. JUSI, Czarina Vijulet N
  563. KADATAR-MALDIS, Feliza C
  564. KALANG-AD, Manuel, Jr. C
  565. KIAT-ONG, Aaron A
  566. KO, Marianne Karyl C
  567. KO, Richard V
  568. KOGA, Ken B
  569. KUA, Kesterson T
  570. LABASTIDA, Mae N
  571. LABAYO, Hale Oliver M
  572. LABRADOR, Ernielineo B
  573. LACAP, Danielle Angela R
  574. LACO, Reginald L
  575. LACSINA, Clarabel Anne R
  576. LADLAD, Joseph C
  577. LAGASCA, Kamille Deanne M
  578. LAGUING, Robert Paul G
  579. LAGURA, Valerius Rufino B
  580. LAQUI, Dahlia D
  581. LARES, Yaye D
  582. LARINO, Emily Joy A
  583. LASQUITE, Jesus Franco B
  584. LAURITO, Karen F
  585. LAURITO, Roderick C
  586. LAWYER, Christian Apollo U
  587. LAYLO, John Albert B
  588. LAYOG, Francis Mark H
  589. LAZARO, Phoebe Ann F
  590. LEAÑO, Czarina Janis Rhaetia
  591. LEAÑO, I, Conrad Ezra M
  592. LEDDA, Joanna Katrina L
  593. LEE, Marvin Andrew C
  594. LEGARDE, Ludanielle N
  595. LEGASPI, Jenelyn B
  596. LEONARDO, Micaella N
  597. LEONES, Christine S
  598. LEYSON, Brian B
  599. LIAO, Michelle D
  600. LIBATIQUE, Jewel F
  601. LIGGAYU, Ryan M
  602. LIM, Christian Louie U
  603. LIM, Cristine C
  604. LIM, Gretchel N
  605. LIM, Innah Samantha S
  606. LIM, Ma. Margarita S
  607. LIM, Ryan Jade D
  608. LIM, Shery Paige A
  609. LIMBO-CABUHAT, Verna S
  610. LIMQUIACO, Jared G
  611. LINGAO, Cherylette P
  612. LIRIA, Carmel G
  613. LIWAG, Vernice C
  614. LLANERA, Mary Ann B
  615. LLANILLO, Jasper June G
  616. LLAVE, Miguel Leander L
  617. LLESIS, Arbie S
  618. LO, Rhodora P
  619. LOBO, Jemuel Paolo M
  620. LOMOTAN, Jonathan Joseph R
  621. LOPEZ, Jayson Pangilinan
  622. LOPEZ, Joseph S
  623. LOPEZ, Marco Angelo Felix L
  624. LORENZO, Ann Margaret K
  625. LORENZO, Jan Michael D
  626. LORESCA, Lovelyn C
  627. LORETO, Emmallaine Leonille V
  628. LOVERIA, Roman Carlo R
  629. LUCIDO, Le Iris T
  630. LUCMAN, Hijara-stephanie B
  631. LUCMAYON, Juris Anne G
  632. LUMAAD, Roseanne E
  633. LUMANLAN, Ralfh Aldrin M
  634. LUMANOG, Erlaine Vanessa D
  635. LUMBRE, Charmaine Joy V
  636. LUMINARIAS, Coleen Claudette R
  637. LUNA, Alden Reuben B
  638. MABA, Samaira C
  639. MABULAC, II, Bienvenido L
  640. MACALANDA, April Fleurenz Rose C
  641. MACARAEG, Mc Guelvin S
  642. MACARAMBON, Sa’aduddin L
  643. MACASPAC, Teresa Micaela M
  644. MADARANG, Patricia A
  645. MADARIETA, Ma Cristina M
  646. MADKI, Normalah S
  647. MADLANGBAYAN, Mariel C
  648. MADRIAGA, Marie Kris C
  649. MADRID, Kristoffer Gabriel L
  650. MADRID, Riceli G
  651. MAGABO, Regine Joy L
  652. MAGALANG, Sandra Mae T
  653. MAGALLANES, Cliff-cyril A
  654. MAGALLANES, Clyde L
  655. MAGALLANES, Katrina Mae P
  656. MAGAT, Kristianne S
  657. MAGBANUA, Mary Angela R
  658. MAGBANUA-ANJALIN, Mae Joyce S
  659. MAGDAMIT, Moiselle G
  660. MAGDAONG, JR., Jorge B
  661. MAGHIRANG, Ariel P
  662. MAGPANTAY, Regine Empress P
  663. MAGPILI, Joe F
  664. MAHINAY, Richelle Lou B
  665. MAIGUE, Rameses M
  666. MAIRINA, Renie R
  667. MALALUAN, Krisandra Ann D
  668. MALAMUG, Jena Lemienne Mae A
  669. MALATE, August Lizer M
  670. MALAYLAY, Levi Anthony B
  671. MALICAD, Yentl D
  672. MANALO, Kriselle Joy B
  673. MANALO, Samantha Grace N
  674. MANAYON, Diana P
  675. MANCELITA, Marga May L
  677. MANDOCDOC, Lisette A
  678. MANGAWANG, Ma. Felora A
  679. MANGELEN, Aljuhari U
  680. MANGUBAT, Loida C
  681. MANIEGO, Kristine Rossellini P
  682. MANILA, Antonio Ceasar R
  683. MANTOS, Beryl B
  684. MANUEL, Karen Kaye C
  685. MANZANA, Phillip Miguel C
  686. MANZANERO, Doren May F
  687. MANZANERO, Jeronimo U
  688. MAPALO, Ma. Carla P
  689. MAQUIRANG, Maria Cecilia S
  690. MARCELLA, Ma. Rosann M
  691. MARQUEZ, Maria Gwendolyn B
  692. MARQUINA, Marlon R
  693. MARTIN, Nico Robert R
  694. MASACOTE, Ma. Angela D
  695. MASANGKAY, Kristel Joy A
  696. MATALANG, Mylalyn A
  697. MATEO, Oliver P
  698. MATIAS, Jamie Angeli T
  699. MATIAS, Marvin A
  700. MATIBAG, Marc Justin Basil D
  701. MATILING, Lorraine Kier J
  702. MATIONG, Hennessy Keshia T
  703. MEDIJA, Joy Ann V
  704. MEDINA, Eilyn E
  705. MEJIA, Janine Angela T
  706. MENDIOLA, Raiza Nicole G
  707. MENDOZA, Jose Maria G
  708. MENDOZA, Mark Evan V
  709. MENDOZA, Mary Catherine L
  710. MENDOZA, Niña Suzette M
  711. MENDOZA, Othello, Ii M
  712. MENDOZA, Roxanne Marie A
  713. MERCADO, Edwina A
  714. MERCADO, Kenneth N
  715. MESINA, Mari Janine Evan D
  716. MIGUEL, Ellis L
  717. MILANES, Rainier Anthony M
  718. MILLENA, Rebeca G
  719. MINA, James Anthony R
  720. MINDARO, Cesar Augustine N
  721. MIRANDA, Gian Carlo E
  722. MISCREOLA, Herbert B
  723. MONSANTO-NEDAMO, Kristine Athena H
  724. MORADA, Neil John M
  725. MORAÑA, Aimee C
  726. MORAÑA, Chleriza Vinky C
  727. MORO, Karl Kristjan B
  728. MOSCOSO, Chad Martin D
  729. MUSNI, Czarina Golda S
  730. MUTIANGPILI, Jhoana Marie P
  731. NADAL, Jordan V
  732. NADONGA, Jeremae R
  733. NAGPALA, Carlo Benedict L
  734. NARAG, Christopher B
  735. NARTATEZ, Carell Ryza E
  736. NATIVIDAD, Angelique Margret T
  737. NAVARRO, Danielle Mae D
  738. NAVARRO, Elvira Denise DM
  739. NAVARRO, Kristina R
  740. NAVARRO, Peter John T
  741. NAVIDA, Veromic E
  742. NAYRE, Maria Liza L
  743. NEPOMUCENO, Tarcila B
  744. NG, Kenneth S
  745. NGO, Angelo Bernard O
  746. NIEVA, Aubin Arn R
  747. NISPEROS, Benedict G
  748. NIÑOLAS, Hazel B
  749. NOBLE, Alexis Joseph R
  750. NOCOM, Roger T
  751. NOR, Mark Esmael R
  752. NUEGA, Gregory A
  753. NUESTRO, Noel G
  754. OBEJAS, Kim David M
  755. OCABA, Barbara Anne B
  756. OCAMPO, Jo Marianni P
  757. OCFEMIA, Rea Niña O
  758. OCHOA, Ma. Claribel M
  759. OCHOCO, Neil Eric E
  760. OCLARIT, Janet K
  761. OCTAVIANO, Clarence T
  762. OCTAVIANO, Leslie Anne O
  763. OCUPE, Raymund L
  764. ODIVILAS, Thea Amor O
  765. ODTOJAN, Leodeeanne Cl T
  766. OJA, Redemtor A
  767. OLBES, Maricel N
  768. OMBAWA, Nassiym A
  769. OMNES, Reynaldo R
  770. ONG, Evangeline C
  771. ONG, Kimverly A
  772. ONG ABRANTES, Raymund Christian S
  773. ONGSON, Cherry Amor V
  774. ONOFRE, Charlon Jay M
  775. ONTAL, Benedict D
  776. OPORTO, Rule Amethyst L
  777. ORCULLO, Hazel Beth D
  778. ORIOSTE, JR., Alfonso L
  779. ORTAL, Philip Marion A
  780. ORTIZ, Jet Mark O
  781. OSDON, Charity Anne
  782. OSORIO, JR., Ramero S
  783. OSOTEO, Maureen Kascha L
  784. OZAKI, Kazuma B
  785. PAA, Juman B
  786. PABLITO, Joshua P
  787. PABLO, Niña Gracia L
  788. PACETE, May Flor E
  789. PACHECO, Leslie Ann M
  790. PADLAN, Glaiza May M
  791. PAGANAJE, Gladys U
  792. PAGDILAO, Kimberly Rose L
  793. PAGUIO, Angela Michelle A
  794. PAKIL, Ben Taib M
  795. PALAD, Daneia Isabelle F
  796. PALATTAO, Claudine M
  797. PALLONES, Jhoy DR
  798. PALMIERY, Fritzielyn Q
  799. PALOLA-DE VERA, Elizabeth C
  800. PAMATMAT, John Red C
  801. PANCIPANCI, Maria Socorro T
  802. PANELO, Daniel Von Evan O
  803. PANGAN, Ma. Angela B
  804. PANGILINAN, Edmund Christian S
  805. PANGILINAN, Rafael D
  806. PANOPIO, Ashleigh P
  807. PAQUIT, Sherlyn P
  808. PARADO, II, Medardo T
  809. PARAGAS, Mary Niña S
  810. PARINGIT, II, Eduardo G
  811. PARO, Annie Rose D
  812. PARONE, JR., Briccio G
  813. PARREÑAS, Ma. Princess F
  814. PASCUA, Faye Angela M
  815. PASCUAL, Carlo John R
  816. PASCUAL, Karen Kate C
  817. PASICOLAN, Sheila P
  818. PATAC, Valerie Gayle J
  819. PATAG, Neil-san G
  820. PATAY, Dixie Jane N
  821. PATINDOL, Jan Danelle A
  822. PATIÑO, Juril B
  823. PAUIG, Ferdinand T
  824. PAUIG, Jose Bernabe T
  825. PAYAWAL-ANGELES, Marianne T
  826. PAZ, Ivyrose B
  827. PEDRAJAS, Christine T
  828. PELAYO, Jasper C
  829. PEN, Kenilma E
  830. PENACHOS, Patrick I
  831. PEORO, Rolly Francis C
  832. PEREZ, Bernalyn A
  833. PEREZ, Mikko Paolo A
  834. PEREZ-ONESA, Sofronia
  835. PEÑA, Gideon V
  836. PEÑA, Irene V
  837. PEÑA, Patricia Ruth E
  838. PIERAZ, Iñigo Gabriel C
  839. PIJO-SERATE, Annabelle S
  840. PILAPIL, JR., Rene G
  841. PILARES, Ma. Kristina E
  842. PILLOS, Christian F
  843. PIMENTEL, Charity E
  844. PIMENTEL, Korina Mae V
  845. PINEDA, Glaiza V
  846. PINGOL, Evan Carlos D
  847. PIZARRO, Raymund Erwin M
  848. PLATON, III, Vicente Jan O
  849. PLECERDA, Kurt Francis O
  850. POBLADOR, Maria Celia H
  851. POCOT, Laarnie B
  852. POLOYAPOY, Randy T
  853. PONCE, Kathrina May R
  854. POSADAS, Allen Joel G
  855. PRESBITERO, Julian Santos B
  856. PRIMICIAS, James Joash B
  857. PRINCESA, Belen Cristina R
  858. PUA, Elisa N
  859. PUECA, Jenette O
  860. PULLANTE, Irish Rosanne M
  861. PUNO, Railla Veronica D
  862. PUNZALAN, Jan Dexter B
  863. PURA, Sheryl N
  864. QUERIDO, Leo Joseph G
  865. QUILANETA, Mark Peter M
  866. QUIMPO, George Philip W
  867. QUINTANA, Aldrin Mark M
  868. QUINTO, Ramiila L
  869. QUITAIN, Xel Alessandra R
  870. QUODALA-FORMOSO, Joanne Janice Q
  871. RAMIREZ, Almyrrh Krista F
  872. RAMIREZ, Princess L
  873. RAMIREZ, Susana Grace Q
  874. RAMIREZ, Virlynn Rose R
  875. RAMIZO, Jalou C
  876. RAMON, Arnel G
  877. RAMOS, Jan Aldrin C
  878. RAYMUNDO, Katrina Veronica G
  879. RAZON, Arvin Kristopher A
  880. REAL, III, Jun Edward L
  881. RECTO, Michelle Anne B
  882. RED-LOCK, Karen Christine S
  883. REDOÑA, Dem Thomas T
  884. REGIS, Redem Tor F
  885. REGONDOLA, Maria Cristina L
  886. RELAMPAGOS, Neil Melton V
  887. RELENTE, Ernest John G
  888. RELLOSA, Rasiele Rebekah DL
  889. REMULLA, Jammy Kate S
  890. REMULLA, Nikka Bianca A
  891. RENEGADO, Jonathan G
  892. RESTAURO, Ruth N
  893. RETUYA, Kenneth P
  894. REY, Floyd Ericson M
  895. REYES, Celerino S
  896. REYES, Elmer C
  897. REYES, Graciello Timothy D
  898. REYES, Lee Realino F
  899. REYES, Neil Noe C
  900. REYES, Rose Ann P
  901. REYES, Roy L
  902. REYES, Stephanie Faye B
  903. REYES, IV, Clemente L
  904. RICARDO, Ruth V
  905. RICO, II, Danilo R
  906. RIGOR, Miguel Justin R
  908. RIMANDO, Czar Alexis D
  909. RIMBAN, Kris Francisco D
  910. RIOS, Odenna M
  911. RIVAS, Reina Carmel S
  912. RIVAS, Vaia G
  913. RIVERA, Jan Michael A
  914. RIVERA, IV, Gelacio C
  915. RIZADA, Julius Frencie M
  916. RIZADA, Resci Angelli R
  917. ROBLES, Anthony M
  918. RODRIGO, Renante C
  919. RODRIGUEZ, Ana Margarita A
  920. RODRIGUEZ, Francia Romlina S
  921. RODRIGUEZ, Paola Krista C
  922. ROLEDA, Dimitri Luis T
  923. ROLUSTA, Stephanie Joy A
  924. ROMA, Shiree Amor P
  925. ROMATAN, Rolynda Ezra B
  926. ROSALES, Anna Jenny Marie A
  927. ROSAS, Franz N
  928. ROSETE, Jennifer M
  929. ROTAP, John Paul R
  930. ROXAS, Erwin E
  931. ROÑO, Albert Michelson D
  932. RUBIO, Jairus B
  933. RUEDA, Rodave B
  934. RUIZ, Caroline Socorre L
  935. SABA, Cristian P
  936. SABUGO, Karen Joy G
  937. SACAR-GUILING, Minerva M
  938. SADIARIN, Elizabeth Joy M
  939. SAILE, Barbara Mae J
  940. SALANG, Patricia Concepcion A
  941. SALAS, Maria Patricia S
  942. SALAZAR, Hanne N
  943. SALGADO, Joliza Janelle D
  944. SALI, Mohamad Jumer C
  945. SALIDAGA, JR., Porferio A
  946. SALIMO, Karen M
  947. SALIVIO, Yani N
  948. SALOMON, Johnittee Z
  949. SALUD, Jan Raphael R
  950. SALUDES, Ma. Elena R
  951. SALUDO, Aaron Marc T
  952. SALVA, Pierre Albert L
  953. SALVADOR, Henesty Z
  954. SALVADOR, II, Lincoln Raymond B
  955. SAMAMA, Mohammad Omar A
  956. SAMANIEGO, Diana B
  957. SAMONTE, Debbie N
  958. SAN MIGUEL, Isaiah G
  959. SAN PEDRO, Danielle Francesca TC
  960. SANCHEZ, Alma Sonia Q
  961. SANCHEZ, Ehrnest John C
  962. SANCHEZ, Jette Roy G
  963. SANCHEZ, Jeza Mae Sarah C
  964. SANCHEZ, JR., Raymond C
  965. SANDOVAL, JR., Danilo R
  966. SANLAO, Art Miguel B
  967. SANTIAGO, January Faith B
  968. SANTIAGO, Joyce C
  969. SANTOS, Jose Justin T
  970. SANTOS, Leo-aries Wynner O
  971. SANTOS, Raphael D
  972. SANTOS, JR., Manolo Aris M
  973. SAQUILABON, Christian Lel M
  974. SAQUING, Dennis C
  975. SARSAGAT, Warren Wyndell D
  976. SATO, Paul Tristan B
  977. SAWIT, Ramon Jeriel S
  978. SERAPIO, Angeli I
  979. SERRANO, JR., Ismael T
  980. SESO, Alexander D
  981. SEVERINO, Emilia Concepcion D
  982. SEÑAGAN, Richard Horace D
  983. SHARIEF-TABAO, Sorayah M
  984. SIAPNO, Liwawa D
  985. SIBULO, Marianne C
  986. SIENES, Anna-marie S
  987. SIGUA, Sheryl E
  988. SILVA, Juan Karlo B
  989. SILVERIO-ACLAN, Irish L
  990. SINCO-GASPAR, Imee Rose S
  991. SINGCO, Jon S
  992. SINSON, Marcus A
  993. SISON, Jasmin M
  994. SIY, JR., Wilson E
  995. SIÑEL, Rachel Ann A
  996. SOBERANO, Junalyn P
  997. SOLA, Camille A
  998. SOLARTE, Rex L
  999. SOLIMAN, Nellaine Annabelle L
  1000. SOLLER, April Gayle U
  1001. SOLMIRANO, F. Alfontino A
  1002. SORIA, Felice Suzanne D
  1003. SOTTO, Priscilla Angela O
  1004. STA. MARIA, Rafael Gregorio V
  1005. SUAREZ, Zarah Patricia T
  1006. SUAREZ, JR., Delfin M
  1007. SUAREZ-ROTUGAL, Arra Jolly A
  1008. SUCGANG, Justin DJ
  1009. SUDIO, JR., Wilfredo P
  1010. SUPNAD, Karen Feliz G
  1011. SUPNET, Rani Angeli C
  1012. SUPREMO, Ed Michael E
  1013. SUPSUP, Beverly Joyce M
  1014. SUYU, Richard L
  1015. SY, Diana Willen T
  1016. SY, Jerick Anthony J
  1017. SY, Rizza Anne O
  1018. TABALOC, Carlo C
  1019. TABAYAG, Ernalyn J
  1020. TABUGON, Jonathan O
  1021. TADEO, Anna Camille M
  1022. TADILI, Ernani T
  1023. TAGLE, Ma. Rizza Blesilda V
  1024. TAGUIBAO, Angieli Kim M
  1025. TALA, Darlene Alvina P
  1026. TALBIN, Noraiza Mae Keith M
  1027. TAMESIS, Chris C
  1028. TAN, Alfred Edison C
  1029. TAN, Andrea G
  1030. TAN, Diana Fe B
  1031. TAN, Jayvee R
  1032. TAN, Joseph E
  1033. TAN, Reyena Luz M
  1034. TAN, JR., Melvin S
  1035. TANGKIA, Louie Marz A
  1036. TANQUERIDO, Lyle Rose M
  1037. TANSECO, Oliver S
  1038. TANTOCO-BRIONES, Jecylene T
  1039. TAY, Jonathan John V
  1040. TAYCO, Clifford L
  1041. TEJADA, Jedyne Venita O
  1042. TEJADA, Trina Bianca O
  1043. TELOW, Tania Stephanie T
  1044. TENORIO, Al Brain C
  1045. TEODORICO, Ron Fruto G
  1046. TIBON, Rex Elmer G
  1047. TIMBANG, Clarisa A
  1048. TINAGAN, Dann Peter Douglas E
  1049. TINAGAN, Jennifer Simone J
  1050. TIONGSON, Frank Lloyd B
  1051. TIONGSON, JR., Virgilio A
  1052. TOLEDO, Lauren Angelic J
  1053. TOLENTINO, Rio Therese E
  1054. TONGOHAN, Gifany Ten-ten L
  1055. TORION, Alvin A
  1056. TORRES, Genevieve L
  1057. TORRES, Maria Jerzy Aprille D
  1058. TORRES, Raul Marie Ii C
  1059. TUAZON, Lea Anne S
  1060. TULIAO, Paolo C
  1061. TUNG, Bryan Kevin O
  1062. TUPAZ, Mikhail Valodya M
  1063. TY, Catherine Anne T
  1064. ULTRA, Ferminlino C
  1065. UY, Michael Marlowe G
  1066. VALDEPEÑAS, Via Monina C
  1067. VALDEZ, Albert M
  1068. VALDEZ, Francis Earl Anthony B
  1069. VALENCIANO-ADALLA, Julie Ann A
  1070. VALERIO, Jay-r M
  1071. VALERO, Michael Ferdenand E
  1072. VALLADA, Ariane Mae V
  1073. VALLE, Andrew P
  1074. VALLECERA, Virgil B
  1075. VALLEJO, Raymond V
  1076. VALLES, Daryl Ritchie A
  1077. VALMORIA, Michael M
  1078. VALPARAISO, Janice Ivy G
  1079. VARGAS, Akira G
  1080. VARGAS, Crisanne Del B
  1081. VASQUEZ, Albert T
  1082. VEDAN, Veda Marie D
  1083. VEGA, Daniel C
  1084. VELASQUEZ, Jenin Rosanne H
  1085. VELAZCO, Joseph Brian Anthony A
  1086. VELOSO, Maria Erika E
  1087. VICTORIA, Chaucer A
  1088. VICTORIANO, Michael Gerard T
  1089. VIDAL, Mirabel R
  1090. VIEJO, Michelle Anne P
  1091. VIERNES, Rhodalice Michelle S
  1092. VILCHES, Alessandra C
  1093. VILLA, Ralph N
  1094. VILLACORTA, Jose V
  1095. VILLALOBOS, An-ja B
  1096. VILLAMOR, Niva C
  1097. VILLANUEVA, Carla Carmela F
  1098. VILLANUEVA, Christian Daniel P
  1099. VILLANUEVA, Diega D
  1100. VILLANUEVA, Drina A
  1101. VILLANUEVA, Michelle A
  1102. VILLAR, Loris Marriel B
  1103. VILLARICO, Niel John A
  1104. VILLARINO, Frances Jan C
  1105. VILLENA, Katrina Jorelle P
  1106. VILORIA, II, Jessie Villamor J
  1107. VINZON, Albert Lawrence A
  1108. VIVAS, Angelica F
  1109. WAGAS, Darling Chyrmyth
  1110. WAKAY, Aileen Joyce L
  1111. WEE SIT, Joseph M
  1112. WILLIAM, Mhelanie C
  1113. YANGSON, Jerson T
  1114. YAP, Bojhee Bobby A
  1115. YAP, III, Enrique A
  1116. YSON, Pamela Marie R
  1117. YU, Anne Janelle O
  1118. YU, Jamie Liz F
  1119. YUMUL, Jena Mae M
  1120. ZABALA, JR., Genie R
  1121. ZACATE, Zandy A
  1122. ZAMORA, Harvey Ecker A
  1123. ZANTUA, JR., Emilio V
  1124. ZORETA, Jeanina Melle A
  1125. ZUBIRI, Jennie Lyn T
  1126. ZULUETA, Marian Lucille D

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February 16, 2015

Director of Lands vs. Tesalona

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  • On June 23, 1971, Isabel, Consuelo and Serapia Tesalona filed an application for registration of five (5) parcels of land with the CFI of Quezon, Gumaca Branch. 
  • They alleged that they acquired the lands through succession from their mother Magdalena. 
  • They said that their great grand mother Maria Rosita Lorenzo acquired 7.4343 hectares of land located in Quezon under a possessory information title dated May 20, 1896 under the Royal Decree of February 13, 1894.
  • The Director of Lands through the Assistant Provincial Fiscal of Quezon filed his opposition to the application alleging that neither the applicants nor their predecessors-in-interest had sufficient title of the land applied for nor had they been in possession thereof for a period of at least thirty (30) years immediately preceding the filing of the application and that the same is public land.
  • Constancio dela Pena Tan likewise filed an opposition even as he supported the government's contention that the lands applied for are part of the public domain. Tan averred that he had possessed the land as lessee for a period of more than thirty five (35) years. She said that the lands were converted into fishponds and had been subject of a sales application sometime in 1963. 11 The application to purchase filed by Constancio is still pending before the Bureau of Lands.
  • After hearing, the trial court rendered judgment adjudicating Lot Nos. 3, 4 and 5 in favor of the applicants and declaring Lot Nos. 1 and 2 as owned by the government subject to the rights of the lessee, Constancio dela Pena Tan, pending the approval of his sales application.
  • The CA ruled that lots 1-5 should be registered under the names of Tesalona’s siblings.
  • The Director of lands filed the instant petition.

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February 3, 2015

EY Industrial vs. Shen Dar

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  • EY Industrial Sales is a domestic corporation engaged in the production, distribution and sale of air compressors.
  • Shen Dar is a Taiwan-based foreign corporation engaged in the manufacture of compressors.
  • From 1997-2004, EY Industrial imported air compressors from Shen Dar.
  • In 1997, Shen Dar filed a Trademark Application with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) for the mark “Vespa” for the use of air compressors. It was approved in 2007.
  • In 1999, EY Industrial filed a Trademark Application also for the mark “VESPA” for the use of air compressors. It was approved in 2004.
  • Shen Dar filed a Petition for Cancellation of the Industrial’s EYES COR with the Bureau of Legal Affairs contending that: a. there was a violation of Section 123.1 (D) of the Intellectual Property Code which provides that: A mark cannot be registered if it is identical to a mark with an earlier filing or priority date. b. EY Industrial is only a distributor of the air compressors
  • On the other hand, EY Industrial alleged that it is the sole assembler and fabricator of VESPA air compressors since the early 1990s and that Shen Dar supplied them air compressors with the mark “SD” and not “VESPA”

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January 28, 2015

How Does the 'Lemon Law' Work in California?

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Nobody wants to be caught with a vehicle they have bought that doesn't work properly. Both new and used cars, trucks, RVs and motorcycles can sometimes have issues, and when you are the owner of such a thing, it is only right that you should want a replacement, free repairs, or compensation. In California, state law that has been in place since 1984 is designed to help you if you find yourself with a vehicle you have tried to fix numerous times without being able to get rid of the quality issues. Here we take a look at California’s lemon law and how you can use it if you have a faulty automobile.
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January 21, 2015

Rizal vs. Rizalvo

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  • On December 7, 2000, respondent Teodoro P. Rizalvo, Jr. filed before the MTC of Bauang, La Union an application for the registration of a parcel of land referred to in Survey Plan Psu-200706,4 located in Bauang, La Union and containing an area of 8,957 square meters.
  • Respondent alleged that he is the owner in fee simple of the subject parcel of land, that he obtained title over the land by virtue of a Deed of Transfer (he alleged he bought the property from his mother) dated December 31, 1962, and that he is currently in possession of the land. 
  • In support of his claim, he presented a tax declaration under his name and a Proof of Payment of real property taxes from 1952 up to the time of his filing of the application.
  • On April 20, 2001, the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) filed an Opposition alleging that neither respondent nor his predecessors-in-interest had been in open, continuous, exclusive and notorious possession and occupation of the subject property since June 12, 1945 or earlier and that the tax declarations and tax payment receipts did not constitute competent and sufficient evidence of ownership. 
  • The OSG also asserted that the subject property was a portion of public domain and hence not subject to private acquisition.
  • The Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) submitted a verified record stating the technical description of the property, that the land was in an alienable & disposable zone and that Rizalvo was in an actual occupation and possession of the land. 
  • The MTC approved the application of Rizalvo.
  • The CA affirmed the lower court’s ruling. Hence, this petition.

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