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October 12, 2017

Why Commercial Truck Driving Is One of The Toughest Gigs in the World

Truck drivers get to traverse some of the most remote and interesting stretches of roadways in America on a pretty regular basis. Even commercial truck drivers who operate local routes may be assigned to work in areas that far away from their homes. The world of trucking is open to truckers of all ages and backgrounds, but one thing is certain - operating a commercial truck can be one of the most dangerous decisions you make. It is estimated that more than one-fourth of all occupation-related deaths in the trucking industry each year. Truckers drive long routes, often without an assistant driver there to take over when they need to rest. Here are some of the reasons that commercial truck drivers have what may be the toughest gig on the planet.

Truck Drivers Are Incentivised to Take Safety Risks
When you look at the statistics for what professional truck drivers earn in a year, your interest may be piqued when you see that the top earners can clear six figures. According to Trucks.com, the average commercial truck driver earns a little less than $20 per hour. Professional truckers can increase their earnings if they complete their routes faster, work overtime, or pull more shifts every week. There’s nothing wrong with working more than 40 hours per week, but exhaustion is a very real danger when you are operating a piece of heavy machinery that weighs tens of thousands of pounds. In short, companies wanting to meet their quotas can push truck drivers to work longer hours in exchange for a bigger check. 

Commercial Trucks Aren’t Always Safe
First and foremost, commercial trucks consume diesel fuel. Heavy-duty trucks get fewer miles per gallon than standard sized cars, and they also have massive gas tanks. When you consider what a trucker has to pay just to keep their work vehicles all gassed up, maintenance can be a really big expense that requires some repairs to go unaddressed for longer than they should. Although the Department of Transportation requires commercial trucks to be inspected and certified as safe for use on public roads, commercial trucks don’t always come with airbags. What this means is that commercial trucks may be safe for other drivers to be around but not contain safety features that protect the lives of professional truck drivers. 

Public Roads Are Always Dangerous for Truckers 
Whether it’s late on a Saturday night in the middle of July or early on a Monday morning after a snowstorm, truck drivers take a risk every time they get in their work vehicles. Open roads are always a bit tricky to drive on because you don’t know what there’s going to be around the next bend, turn, or bump. Even still, professional commercial truck drivers carry their loads over stretches of public roadways and are expected to make it on time and in one piece. 

Women make up less than 10% of all professional truck drivers in the U.S. The industry is dominated by men because long-haul drivers are stereotyped as being macho and rugged. While they may not all look the same, professional commercial truck drivers are definitely built tougher than the average. 


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